October 30th-November 4th, 2023
Naivasha, KENYA
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Dear Colleagues,

We are very delighted to announce the organization of the 6th Africa International Biotechnology and Biomedical Conference (AIBBC 2023), which will take place from October 30th-November 4th, 2023 in the beautiful city of Naivasha in Kenya.

Since 2014, AIBBC has continued to offer premier platforms for research training and scientific exchanges in biomedical and biotechnology fields in Africa. Cumulatively, over 1000 students, faculty and healthcare practitioners have received hands-on training in advanced biomedical technologies. In addition, AIBBC conference series have provided unparalleled international platform for research sharing in cutting-edge science and technology, helping to foster international collaboration and networking among researchers and institutions within and outside Africa. With strong focus on high quality education and scientific exchanges, AIBBC conference and workshops series continue to promote both research and human capacity building while contributing to training future leaders in life sciences, biotechnology and biomedical fields.

Building on the success of past AIBBC events, AIBBC 6th will continue the trajectrory of providing an international platform for high-quality and content-rich training and scientific presentations in biomedical, biotechnology and related fields. Opportunities are available to present your research findings either as an oral or a poster presentation. Abstracts should highlight origical research in any area of life sciences, biomedical engineering and sciences, biotechnology, healthcare technology, education, and other fields relevant to the theme of AIBBC 2023. Details of abstract submission will soon be posted. Please check back here.
AIBBC 2023 website coming soon.

Participation is open to students (research enthusiasts), academic and industrial researchers, healthcare practionners and public officers from the healthcare sector. Sponsors, exhibitors and industry participants are also welcome to take advantage of the international platform of AIBBC to showcase their products and technologies, and interact with the scientific community in Africa.

Naivasha is a spectacular city situated on the shore of Lake Naivasha on the floor of the Great Rift Valley. It boasts of many unique tourists attractions, like the Pride Rock featured in "Lion King" for which the city is famous. The city is 92.8 km from Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, and is easily accessible by road from Nairobi.

We look forward to seeing you in Pride Land for the 6th AIBBC workshops and conference. Please contact us by email for more information.

AIBBC 2023 Organizing Committee
Email: aibbc"at" (replace "at" with @ )
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AIBBC 6th Anniversary
(AIBBC 2023)
  • Workshops: Oct. 30-Nov.1, 2023
    Venue: KALRO, Naivasha site, Naivasha, Kenya
  • Conference: Nov. 2-3, 2023
    Venue: Naivasha Country Club, Naivasha, Kenya
  • Biodiversity study tour: Nov. 4, 2023
    Hell's Gate, Pride Rock, among others


Workshops (Oct. 30-Nov. 1)
Leading experts will provide six workshop courses on advanced biomedical techniques featuring a well-blended program consisting of theory, hands-on training, and discussions.

Courses: (1) Flow Cytometry: Understanding & applications, (2) Point-of-care diagnostics for resource-limited settings,
(3)Molecular diagnostics, (4) New insights into HIV infections, (5) Malaria control and elimination workshop, (6) Genomics and bioinformatics
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Conference (Nov. 2-3)
The 2-day event will provide an excellent multidisciplinary platform to share your latest research advances, and to network with scientists and researchers from around the globe.

Contents: Invited talks, Poster presentations, Panel Discussions, Networking, Industrial lectures
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Biodiversity tour (Nov. 4)
A networking event designed to showcase Africa's biodiversity.
We plan to visit Naivasha's speacular attractions, including Hell's Gate and Pride rock, as well as Naivasha National Park.

Note: More information to be posted later.
TOPICS (tentative)
High-quality papers reporting latest research findings in life sciences, biomedical and biotechnology are welcome.
Multidisciplinary research topics including, but not limited to, the ones listed below will be accepted for presentation
  • Assessment of Covid-19 impact on health in Africa
  • Molecular and cellular basis of communicable and non-communicable diseases (HIV/AIDS, cancer, malaria, TB, NTDs)
  • Cytometry for life sciences and clinical applications
  • Genomics, proteomics and their clinical applications
  • Advances in detection, diagnostic and therapeutic technologies
  • Drug resistance and antimicrobial stewardship
  • Point-of-care technologies for low resource settings
  • Strategies toward scientific and technological empowerment
  • Bioinformatics for risk mapping and surveillance of infectious diseases
  • Networking with industry (industry-sponsored talks, lectures, demos etc.)
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