Guidelines for Abstract Submission

Abstract submission

Abstract Submission deadline:

CLOSED on APRIL 30th, 2019 ( Only exceptionally high quality late abstracts maybe considered at this stage)

  1. Please download the abstract template below. Make sure that your abstract format matches that of the template!
    Download >>> (Abstract Template)<<<
  2. Please email your abstract as an attachment to <aibbc2017@aibbc-society.org>
  3. Your abstract file format should be either a Microsoft word or Adobe PDF.
  4. The file should NOT be encrypted or password protected.

Abstract preparation and presentation details

  • Presentation style: Poster or oral (in principle, students will give poster presentations)
  • The official language of this workshop is English.
  • Abstract length should be limited to two pages (A4 size), with text on the first page and diagrams, graphics and photographs on the second page. Please strictly adhere to this format to ensure uniformity of abstract book.
  • Other necessary instructions are provided within the abstract template.
  • All abstracts submitted by students will be screened for quality and scientific competency.
  • A few selected student abstracts with excellent evaluation scores will be given oral presentation opportunity.
  • Such abstracts will again be judged during presentation and the winners will be presented with the BEST PAPER AWARD.
  • For an abstract to qualify for the BEST PAPER AWARD, it should be written and presented by a student.


  1. Posters should be A0 (841mm x 1189mm) in size. Layout is vertical/portrait.
  2. You are required to display your poster only on the date specified (Aug. 29th or 30th). Please display your poster by 10:00 and take it down by 18:00. The poster session floor will be open at 9:00 on both days.
  3. Any remaining posters after 19:00 of each day will be removed and disposed of by the organizers (unless otherwise).
  4. Poster presenters are required to stand by their posters during the allocated poster presentation time (either on Aug. 29th or 30th) for discussions. Judges will go around to evaluate posters for the attractive Best Poster Award.
  5. "BEST POSTER AWARD" will be awarded to excellent student presenters selected by a panel of judges.

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